Teaching Kids to Poop in Right Way

Many children have difficultly to poop in potty perfectly. In fact, many children not learn how to poop in right way. Parents usually make this thing conflict of interest with their child. In this posting, I list some problem and solution about teach your children to poop.

I can’t teach my kid to poop in potty training well

Many children can’t really perfectly learning how to poop well. But give new problem for your kid by angry is not solution....

I already teach them over and over

You must can differently teach with yelling, make kids feel terrible, and disgusting when they poop in their pants. Children under two years old can’t perfectly poop in right way. be patient and you will find the progress.

But kids must know that I don’t like when they poop in their pants.

Yes, of course. Something you must know, when you act panic you make kid feel that they can control your emotion. They already know you will panic, looks mad, and yelling when they poop in their pants. They can control your respond. Its also unnecessary things.

So what must I do to start make better

Try to start good communication and reward with praise. Tell to your kid ‘you sit in the potty training to poop’ over and over… Make same definition or I mean use some word to explain that’s job between you and your child. It will work it. Teach your kid to tell ‘I sit in my potty for poop’. When they tell it, give your child reward with praise. Give your child lollypop; make their feel happy to poop. So they can sure poop well is better than poop in their pants.

Do I need special potty training?

Yes, give your children they own potty training. I not recommended to teach kid poop use adult toilet. The flush can make your child worry. In kids imagination, flush sound like they will in to hole of toilet, they can afraid the toilet will eat them. Buy good sit potty training for kid, there’s many in market. You not recommended to give your child pampers anytime. Give them training pants. They will fell unlikely when they poop walk in their feed.

Make your child proud to poop

Give your kid praise, huge and kiss. It’s urgent to make them feel safety. Don’t look your angry and scary face to them even they late to tell to you that they already poop in their pants. Always praise them when they tell to you. Let them know that you will be there when they need you. Many parent losing their patient facing children poop in the pants, Its wrong. Make they feel safety communicating with you. Don’t look disappoint or unhappy when they try to tell to you.

Look the sign.

Every child has different way to give you sign when they want to poop. Knowing the sign from your child is good step to get the progress already. Many kids stop talking when they want to poop, another kids crying, or look weird when they want to empty their stomach. You are the person who must know what their sign. Do not make your child feel his bad when he poops by yelling, especially in front of another people.

Learn can more effective by example.

It is good idea to joining your kid in playgroup. Your kid learning process is different with other kids. But its more effective if they look what other kid do when they want to poop. But your attention is most needing than everything.

Thanks Mom for teach me poop by patient…

Now, i start blogging with love to share your love...i love you Mom

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Anonymous said...

well know wat u mean

Anonymous said...

I hope you aren't teaching these kids proper grammer, or how to spell.

ad said...

u r 2 cool

Vibhuti Agrawal said...


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